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	My apologies for the lengthy hiatus between newsletters.  No, we did not disappear!  We’ve been busy improving our Catheter Recycling program and Catheter Relocation services to improve our customers’ earnings, as well as expanding our website’s free EP Education section.  Come and see what we have improved for you. 

	This newsletter issue looks at a common problem:  How to improve your lab’s preparation and performance by creating and using a pre-procedure checklist and a procedural supply list.   We even have samples and downloadable templates for you.  These are excellent tools for orienting new staff as well.
	Due to our increasing work demands, future newsletter issues will need to be on a “can do” basis as well.  You are welcome to send us articles you have written for publication.  Have a good spring and we hope to see you at HRS in Boston under the east end of the catwalk (Booth #262). 

Steve Miller, RN & the EPreward Staff

Pre-Procedure Checklists Improve 
Procedure Safety & Success 

	Before an airplane takes off, every responsible pilot uses a written checklist to carefully inspect the airplane and assure that every component is ready for a safe flight.  In an electrophysiology procedure, especially a complex ablation, where dozens of specific steps are important if not critical, shouldn’t you have the same concern for your patient’s safety?     

	If you reflect on past errors during a case, you’ll recall they create a distraction and negative atmosphere that decreases the focus, confidence and performance of your physician as well as staff — let alone the potential harm that may come to the 

	If you were on the table, wouldn’t you want someone to make sure everything was “just right” before a tube was poked into your heart?  

Who needs a Pre-Procedure & Supply Checklist?

Labs that do relatively few procedures
Labs that do complex procedures infrequently
Labs that have new, inexperienced or per-diem 
Labs that have multiple Physicians who use 
	different supplies & setups
Labs that have a history of missing even one step 	each day

	Due to the wide variety of practices and equipment used at different facilities, compliments of fellow staff, we are several examples of pre-procedure check lists for you to examine.  We have also attached Microsoft Word documents that you can easily customize to fit your Lab’s needs and routine, or you can create your own from scratch.  Some facilities even have a separate supply checklist or “recipe” for each procedure and each Physician to clarify what is needed for every case.

	Pre-procedure checklists are also an excellent teaching tool for new staff during orientation.  The sheer numbers of wires, tubes, connections, etc. can jumble the mind of even an experienced nurse or tech.  These will decrease the time it takes new staff to minimize errors and perform independently.   

Creating the Checklist – A Team Approach

	When designing a checklist a team approach works best, as each pair of eyes sees things differently and will catch items overlooked by others.  Techs, Nurses, Managers and Physicians will all have valuable input from their own perspective.  Saying this, you don’t want one that is five pages long and includes every minute detail.  Make it fit onto one page so that it takes less than two minutes to accomplish (the check, not the tasks themselves).  Otherwise it will be abandoned as too time-intensive.

	It can either be an informal checklist or parts of it can be incorporated into your procedural flow sheet, MD orders, etc.  Construct your list in a logical manner and it will be easy for all the team members to assimilate and perform automatically. 

Revision & Implementation

	Your checklist will not be a permanent form so don’t print 1000 copies; initially, just print a couple.  In the beginning it should be corrected every case as you quickly discover items that were omitted, unnecessary or not correctly sequenced.  Afterwards, make periodic refinements as new techniques and equipment are incorporated into your department.  Does it work?  My experience is that 95% of the time when something goes wrong in a procedure, it was on the checklist that nobody used.   

	Who performs the actual check?  That can vary with your preferences and what is most functional for your setting.  In most EP Labs it is the Circulator who is responsible for the room and the check.  However, there are three logical areas which could involve the Circulator, Monitor person, and Scrub person each checking their own areas.  A charge person can also have a role in checking the room as part of time out verification.  Experiment to see what is efficient as well as complete.     

Create > Implement > Succeed

	Use a team approach to create a checklist that systematically addresses all of the important components of each procedure.  This will help to assure a smooth and confident start and successful outcome for each of your patients. 

If you have any questions, comments, or you do not wish to receive future emails simply reply and tell us.  

Thank you for your time.   
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